They call Me Joëlle ...

Afro Punk 2016

Joëlle, also known by her online name "SimayJoelle", is a dynamic, fun loving, powerful force. Born and raised in Queens, NY into a Haitian family, then moved to New Orleans in the 1990s reconnecting to her African American roots.

Joëlle is a northern, southern, immigrant minded, Black American Woman. She has a long history involved in the arts industries. The past decade she has committed to a career in Television & Film behind the scene administratively as a production manager. 

These days she is still involved in the arts, speaking, production managing in tv & film however she is allowing her expertise, voice, and experiences to move from behind the scenes to return in front.

In the 90's she traveled as a teen to South Africa just as apartheid fell which sparked her love for travel, the diaspora and speaking on behalf of others. In early 2000's she lent her voice to the Slam Poetry scene that was taking the world by storm again speaking up for people of color, women and those disenfranchised. In conjunction with all of this, she is a certified life coach. Her heart is always for helping people and enjoying life.

Lastly Joëlle is an Entrepreneur and enjoys producing streams of business that give back! This site will help you get more acquainted with who she is and what she brings to the world. Enjoy!